Brantley Moody


I was born and raised in Drayton-on-the-Ashley, down Highway 61, at a time when it took ten minutes to drive from home to the ballfields at St. Andrews Playground. I spent my summer days swimming

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Chris Endres


F22 Internet Solutions was founded 2002, in Los Angeles, CA. F22 is the brand of founder and CEO, Chris Endres. Endres had worked for several years in the graphic and web design business in Los

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Bill Moody


I represented various clients in all phases of accounting, auditing, taxation, advisory services and personal and business financial planning. My later services include assisting clients with acquisitions and mergers, valuation of business, financial services, property

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Cheryl Clark


Director of Operations of the Holiday Inn Express & Suites Charleston at Ashley Phosphate and Holiday Inn Express & Suites at Hwy 78. Named General Manager of the Year for all Holiday Inn Express hotels

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Annette Ross


John (Jack) and Annette Ross opened the doors to the House Doctors Charleston franchise August of 2015. They have 2 children Samantha and Jack jr. Samantha attended Penn State University and currently resides in Mt.

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Stuart Whiteside


Stuart is the Vice President of SW+. He holds Masters and Bachelor civil engineering degrees from Clemson University and is a registered Professional Engineer. After a number of years working at a design firm,

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Michelle Kelly Fifield


Michelle is the managing partner of The Ad Agency, Charleston and has been in the marketing and advertising industry for over 23 years. After serving as Director of Sales with a major media and entertainment

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Peter Wertimer


Peter Wertimer is an owner of Chernoff Newman, one of the premier marketing communications companies in the Southeast. Peter serves not only as the President of its Advertising Division, but leads its Charleston office. Prior

Peter Wertimer2019-12-19T02:48:41-05:00

PJ Johnson


PJ is a proven business and insurance executive with a track record of innovation, customer service and community leadership. PJ graduated with honors from the Medical College of Georgia with a Bachelor of Science in

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Richard Moore


Richard Moore is President of Meridian Energy & Environment, LLC. He has over 25 years experience in environmental consulting and co-founded Meridian in 2011. Meridian is a full service environmental engineering firm with expertise and

Richard Moore2019-12-19T02:48:41-05:00
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